Kenneth Prince Smith has worked uniquely in many facets of Business with Full Marketing, Business Solutions, Operations, Media & Technology. "I'm the unicorn you haven't met; who loves to learn, meet new people, unfold new strategies, diversify business with a combination of analytical thinking with open-mindedness to new challenges... I am never bored"

The Event Planning

The Salience was an event we verified that segmentation marketing can be essential to get like-minded people from very different circles. Basically, alike and do not know it!  This Diverse Event was put together in a matter of 2 months. From conception to aggressive grass root social media marketing in it’s most organic form.  This is…

How to improve business efficiency by personal development

Often as business owners we get wrapped-up in the hurricane of new ideas, over promising and several other factors that we allow to stir our mind mentally crazier than it already is. Start by completing one simple task or goal-at-a-time. Do daily to do list the same day until you rebuild the motivation in yourself. When you start feeling like you have completed something it will most-likely drive you to deliver on the next task quicker.