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UniMedia Strategies is the outcome of years of trial and error in business.  The Infrastructure is owed to a multitude of Industries, Skills, and Outliers formulating ‘Diversified Lean Thinking’.  The beginnings of UniMedia Strategies started in the city of Louisville, Kentucky—a place where business is different and diversity is new or near non-existent.  For this reason, it was the perfect location to learn how to navigate the ‘Good Ole Boy’ principles with little odds of acceptance.


Why this Matters?

If you can sell to a Kentucky or Indiana folks and have no history-then you have figured some things out.  Adding the recipe to these skills to big city is like turning into a super hero.  Conservatively speaking the voyage has impacted some change of perspectives for the better.

Our Vision is to become the leaders in “Diversified Thinking” with new methodologies for business using macro and micro outlooks; twisting the unknown into existence to propel business.


Up-to-date with Trends, Move with Trends, We Create Trends, Motivate Trends, We like to takeover and Upgrade Trends.


Sent Email, Sent Text, Left Voicemail, CC’d, Timed Meeting, Understand?, Project Complete; Approval… We want it.

What is Our Motivation?


Who Do We Like Most?

Driven, Honest, Clients…


What is Our Niche?

Strategy, Resources, Work Ethic & Talent

What is Our Goal?

Our Goal Is Accomplishing Your Goal…


Analyze… Improve, Measure… Improve, Learn Improve, Calculate Improve, Quality with more Improvements; we like to–Improve.


Discuss, Listen, Understand Scope, Verify, Research, Review, Confirm, Think About it, Adjust, Agree, Start, Complete… Yes.

Our Mission...

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Our Mission is to introduce fresh simplified fundamentals; digested with compartmentalized business; infused with lean scalability powered by integration methods to build success.

Pattern of Values...

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a few Values that find their way into our service programs…

We cannot fit every need, but with our resources we can fulfill it.

Learning is a daily routine that we get paid; keeping our client(s) moving forward…

New Circles + Different Thinking = Different Opportunities

Life is Easier with it… Produces more and Measures-up better.